ERAU Prescott Linux Programming Environment  


Several computer programming courses taught in the Computer Science program here at ERAU Prescott  require rudimentary Linux skills since some of our compilers are hosted only on computers running Linux.   The purpose of these notes is to help get started working with the campus Linux environment.   There are three levels of  material available here on this set of local web pages: 
  • The minimum.  Boxed and highlighted material like this text represents my guess as to the minimum necessary to get started.  If you're brand new to the Linux environment on this campus, read the access section first, then the Linux file system, followed by the basic Linux commands.   After the boxed material in those three sections, other material and other sections can be read as you need them, if and when.
Typographical conventions used in these local pages: 
  • Underline is used to indicate hypertext links (only useful if you're reading these notes online, obviously).
  • Courier New font is used to indicate Linux commands or fileNames that you have to type in.
  • Bold and Italics are used normally (i.e., for whatever I feel like ;-)


Table of Contents:

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